We understand the potential of your business
Unlock greater profitability for your projects through our expert social media advertising strategies
Companies which have already achieved significant results with us:
Our efforts have generated over $2,000,000 in revenue for our clients
Why clients choose IdeaAds:
  • We have the status of Meta Business Partner
    our status empowers us to expertly design, analyze, and enhance advertising campaigns for maximum efficiency and profitability
  • We swiftly analyze and optimize strategies for peak performance
    we rigorously monitor advertising performance on a daily basis to continually enhance campaign effectiveness
  • We provide in-depth expertise as a cornerstone of our services
    in the tattoo industry, e-commerce, and service promotion
  • We ensure thorough and detailed reporting to keep our clients fully informed
    we present monthly results, offering clear explanations of key indicators and actionable insights to guide your path forward
  • We operate in Ukraine and Western markets
    USA, Canada, Germany, France, Portugal, England, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland
  • We are driven by one goal: delivering tangible results
    We have no limits when it comes to the number of advertising campaigns or creative (banners videos)
  • We predict the results before the launch
    we tailor our result calculations to each branch, factoring in current niche trends, client requirements, and advertising budgets for a truly personalized strategy
Consultation Booking: Initiate the process by scheduling a call with one of our specialists
Comprehensive Analysis: We conduct an in-depth analysis of your project, providing recommendations and a budget forecast
Strategic Planning: We formulate a customized strategy and media plan, rigorously testing hypotheses, assessing results, and measuring key performance indicators (KPIs)
Optimization: Our team optimizes campaign results to align with your unit economics while strategizing for vertical or horizontal project scaling
How We Work:
Solutions we offer:
Set up and manage
advertising campaigns
  • • Competitor Advertising Campaign Analysis
  • • Advertising Media Plan Development
  • • Installation of Pixels, Tag Manager, and Google Analytics (depending on the ad network)
  • • Media Plan Implementation
  • • Advertisement Creation
  • • AD Architecture Construction
  • • Campaign Launch
  • • Daily Campaign Analysis
  • • Daily Team Communication
  • • Hypothesis Testing and Solution Exploration
  • • Detailed Ad Results Reporting
Comprehensive profile management
  • • Competitor Advertising Account Analysis
  • • Project Account Analysis
  • • 3-6 Month Content Strategy
  • • Selection of References
  • • Visual Concepts
  • • Hypotheses for Testing
  • • Monthly Content Plan
  • • Shooting Brief and Supervision
  • • Content Creation and Publishing
  • • Integration of Analytics Services with Accounts
  • • Daily Team Communication
  • • Testing of New Hypotheses, Solutions, and Approaches
  • • Comprehensive Reporting
Tattoo Artist or
Tattoo Studio Owner?

We've crafted a highly effective strategy adapted to your industry. We've been successfully partnering with 20 tattoo artists from around the globe, ensuring they're booked two months in advance through our advertising.

Want the same results? Reserve a call with one of our experts and let's make it happen for you.

IdeAAds is:

  • 4 years
    experience in social media advertising
  • 10+ countries
    where we promoted goods and services
  • 200+ projects
    experience in different niches
  • $ 2 000 000 +
    profits generated by businesses partnering with us
Let's get to know each other better:
TEL/WA/TG +380 (98) 230 23 04